A multitude of people have faced life situations that can be termed “traumatic events.” Any psychological or physiological wound can be called trauma. So what is Trauma Informed Care? Continue reading to learn more.

Trauma can also take place when a person feels their life is in danger. Those who have witnessed death or serious injury or have been in a situation where they feared death or serious injury, or if they really were seriously injured have lived through a traumatic experience. Trauma takes a toll on us.

What does trauma feel like? The exposure and the process can feel like you’ve been knocked to the ground. Getting back up can take some time and usually requires you to dig down to the root of what caused it.

There’s nothing easy about it but once you become aware and in touch with your reactions and your innermost feelings, recovery is possible. It is a process, however. Interacting with other people whose lives have also been shaken by trauma is available through an approach called Trauma Informed Care. This method of therapy has proven to be very effective for working through trauma and for recovery.

What is Trauma Informed Care?

When looking for therapy to overcome trauma, it’s vital to find someone that understands how imperative it is the have both compassion and empathy with regard to the trauma that has been experienced. Doing so makes all the difference when it comes to healing.

Trauma counseling allows you to work alongside a counselor who’s willing and able to walk alongside you and help guide you down the path to recovery through healing. It can be a challenging journey but having someone you can count on makes it much easier.

Trauma Informed Care isn’t just about a destination. Although recovery is the goal, the answer is to find a different way of thinking which brings about a new way of living. The foundation is established first. It explores past trauma and the disruption of life it may have brought and other marks like fear and distrust.

Who Can Benefit from Trauma Informed Therapy?

Trauma Informed Care offers many benefits. Being heard, acknowledged, and understood is priceless. This type of trauma treatment invites victims of trauma to rise above their experience and the impact trauma has had on their lives to partner together with their counselor and others to a new tomorrow.

It is estimated that one out of four individuals have been victims of trauma at some point during their lives. Often the trauma is not recognized as being problematic unless it is as major as death and violence from murder, or war, or a tragic automobile accident.

Although those types of traumas are serious, there are other events that warrant attention too like a death in the family, the loss of a beloved friend, a divorce between parents, a significant move, and many other scenarios that can be dismissed as not being severe enough to address. If an event or situation negatively impacts your life in a manner that causes issues, it most likely was traumatic, at least to you.

Different individuals handle trauma in different ways. You may feel immense pain from leaving your childhood friends behind in a move in another state. You might be traumatized from being in a car wreck or knowing someone who died in one.

Another person might experience fewer negative effects from a divorce or death. What traumatized one may not impact another in the same degree. Sometimes individuals mask the effects so much that they may not even realize the true magnitude to which their lives were impacted. Trauma is indeed tricky.

There are signs a trained therapist can look for in a person which help to determine if the individual has been impacted by trauma, even if the individual is hiding it from others or from themselves. Such a counselor can also empathize with the individual and can encourage them.

One of the negative impacts of trauma is that it can make you feel hopeless and alone. Feeling that no one cares is typical too. While traumatic events cannot be erased, through Trauma Informed Care, there is hope.

It is vital to find a professional in the mental health community who is devoted to listening, full of compassion, and can assist in uncovering distortions. A therapist who is passionate about helping those who are scarred from trauma are able to lift the burden and go the distance with you in your recovery and healing.

There is power in hope. Hope makes all things possible. It makes the future bright. Trauma has shaped your past but it doesn’t have to maintain its grip on your tomorrow.

What Does Trauma Informed Care Provide?

Trauma Informed Care deals with trauma at its very core. It removes the blinders and exposes the distortions trauma can cause. Where fear, anger, guilt, and shame enslave those who are victims of trauma, Trauma Informed therapy releases the chains so relief and recovery can be embraced.

Old issues are worked through, once and for all. Finally, the past can actually become the past. According to the experts, a person receiving Trauma Informed Counseling is able to experience true help because the underlying issues can be addressed with the obvious ones and all is done with compassion and love.

Another very important part of Trauma Informed Counseling is the level of personal touch that is displayed. It’s typical for those who’ve had trauma in their lives to feel stigmatized. Even in treatment for the issue, they may perceive the atmosphere as sterile and impersonal. That is where Trauma Informed Care is much different. Disconnections are addressed and lovingly overcome. Patients aren’t given meds as a bandage, further intensifying the problem at hand.

Trauma Informed Care strives to promote communication and connection through navigational measures that are taken. All is done with the utmost of sensitivity and compassion. Each individual is given their personal space and individuality is embraced.

Trauma Informed Therapy is imperative in the building of resilience in the lives of people for traumatic experiences have been in their history, especially for those who’ve had more than one experience. Connecting with skilled therapists who are seasoned trauma counselors is imperative. The whole person needs to be treated and a new way of life can begin. Otherwise, there is the danger of the trauma sufferer remaining “stuck” with their issues.

Worthlessness, worry, and hopelessness are all part of the equation where trauma related mental issues are present until effective treatment begins and especially where Jesus Christ is at the helm.

Trauma Informed Therapy with a Christian Perspective

The Bible sheds new light on the hopelessness of trauma and the implications it can have for its victims. In Psalm 107:13-16, we are told that when we cry out, “the Lord hears us in our time of trouble.” All throughout the Bible, God met man where he needed it the most. When Daniel was in the lion’s den, he sought the Lord and found him. When David cried out to the Lord, he too was heard.

God never turns away those who are broken. He won’t turn either one who has been traumatized away. Trauma Informed Counseling is grounded in the saving grace of Jesus. Its very foundation is like Him in that it speaks of compassion and shows love in all things, just as Christ does.

God knows when we are hurting and sees when we’re in need. He desires to help us and is waiting for us to cry out to him. There’s not one single moment when he isn’t present in our lives. He’s been there all along, just as the famous Footprint poem so eloquently says. Even when we didn’t realize he was there, when we were not aware of His presence, there he was.

Lamentations 3:21-24 tells us that God’s love is faithful and that there is no end to it. It also lets us know that His mercies don’t end. He is faithful and we can put all of our hope in Him. He will never leave us or let us down.

Sometimes it may seem as if we are alone and that God has forgotten about us. When facing issues due to trauma in our lives, it’s easy to feel that way and to think those thoughts. But, thinking and feeling something doesn’t make it true. Those are the kinds of things Trauma Informed Therapy helps us to see. The feelings do exist and should be validated. They are very real but that doesn’t mean that they are based on truth.

Isaiah 41:10 commissions us to be brave and not to fear, God is with us. We are not to be discouraged because God will strengthen us and He has the power to do so. He will lead us to victory which means He will guide us in our recovery and will help us heal from the trauma that had us in bondage.

In the Bible, there are 65 references to the Lord’s faithfulness. Those Scriptures give us the hope and the courage we need to get through the pain and on into the healing process. Ultimately, with the Lord’s help, we will be healed and will walk in a new light. But first, there is the process. It can be painful. It can be overwhelming. That is why you need a faith-based counselor who will walk alongside you and mentor you through it as a brother or sister in the Lord.

As we ask God into the journey or healing and seek His face through the process, He is faithful. He is always just. He will bring us to a new land where joy is overflowing. God is a God of restoration. He longs to make us whole. We stand on God’s promises and encourage you to do the same.

Hope Starts Now

Seeking the support that you need to overcome the trauma that has held you back will be a powerful choice. While you had no choice about being traumatized, you do have a choice in this matter and it is a powerful, life changing one. You can direct your future in the way you want to go. The choice is yours and the power is there for the taking. Reach out.

You didn’t ask to be traumatized. Sadly, that was beyond your control. But you can hold the reigns now so you can have peace and a brand new beginning. A well-trained professional counselor will help you work through the mud and mire so you can experience wholeness and joy.

It doesn’t matter how broken you are, God loves you. In his word we are told that He will never turn away from a broken and contrite heart. He longs to heal your scars and make you as good as new.

God puts people in our path who He knows can help us. The Bible urges us to seek Godly counsel. We would love to be a part of your journey, to walk with you through the hard times and rejoice with you in the good. We want to see you succeed.

We want you to overcome and live the joyous and free life that God intended for you to have when He created you. Through Trauma Informed Care, we are able to offer you Christ-focus treatment that will change your life forever.

Today is the day to reach out for the help you deserve. Don’t delay getting a risk-free evaluation so you can experience God’s guiding hand for yourself. You don’t have to carry the weight of the past. Hope and healing are yours when you call today.

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