Christian Anger Management Counseling

When things in our lives get out of hand it is natural to experience anger.Dealing with it, however, must be done with great wisdom and care. If we let our anger consume us, it will negatively affect the people around us and our relationships with them. A lot of people who are unable to control their anger usually ends up feeling disappointed after their outburst. They want to control their rage but often don’t know how to begin. Christian Anger Management Counseling is the best step a person can take. You can learn to control your anger because God is with you.

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The Terrible Results Of Unbridled Anger

What makes me angry?

Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger; for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God.

Anger does not always have to be expressed in an unhealthy way, there are better ways to express it. Have you ever wondered why some people express their anger the wrong way? In order to handle unhealthy anger properly, it’s important to first know the reason behind it.

We Hide the Feeling of Being Hurt or Emotions

A lot of people find it embarrassing or difficult to manage their emotions or pain like loneliness, fear, or lack of control. In order to hide these emotions, people resort to anger because for them, it’s the only way for others not to see their weakness.

Anger is usually the best choice for people who find it hard to express their emotions in a healthy way. People who weren’t allowed to express their emotions freely as a child are the ones who have difficulty talking out feelings as an adult. These emotions include pain, sadness, or anger.

Our Formative Years Affect Our Behavior Today

Many of us were raised in an environment surrounded by people who engage in unhealthy expressions of anger like screaming or isolating oneself. We learn from what we are exposed to especially at a young age and we apply these behaviors to our relationships as an adult. We then feel ashamed of our unhealthy anger patterns and we allow anger to take control of our lives. Later on, we realized we are in what seemed to be an endless cycle of unhealthy rage and shame.

A Mental Health Issue

Anger can be the result of the undercurrents of conditions such as addiction, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and depression. A person with a mental health disorder will find it hard to manage their expressions of anger in a healthy way.

You and your family will both suffer the consequences of having anger management issues. Santa Monica Christian Counseling provides helpful, Biblical and professional assistance to people with anger problems. Christian anger management helps clients heal their wounded hearts that causes anger. It will help you gain freedom from anger and have control over it.

Anger Can Be Both Good And Bad For You

Anger, in itself, is not a sin. When you become angry because you see injustice being done to others or the evil acts that this world is full of, you are practicing righteous anger. These expressions of anger are good. When you practice healthy anger, it becomes a constructive force that changes the world and inspires people around you to take a stand against evil.

And Jesus entered the temple and drove out all who sold and bought in the temple, and he overturned the tables of the money-changers and the seats of those who sold pigeons.

Christ expressed righteous anger when He went to the house of God and saw the merchants disrespecting the holy place by using it as a marketplace. His disciples understood His anger and even called it a“zeal for God’s house.” When we don’t properly handle our anger, it will no longer offer a positive purpose for us and the people around us. Our inner selves will be consumed by it and issues with our loved ones will arise.

Here are some of the indications that you are losing you control over anger:

  • When it causes aggressive behavior like shouting or verbal abuse
  • When it causes violence or self-harm
  • When it results in legal or social problems
  • When people don’t want to be around you anymore because of your anger
  • When you use it to control others

Here indications that you (or someone you know) has issues with managing anger:

  • You constantly feel frustrated with yourself and other people
  • It’s difficult for you to have fun in life and be around other people
  • You get angry really quickly that often leads to yelling or arguing
  • Physical symptoms may be experienced like high blood pressure, rapid breathing, or nausea

People who have anger problems most of the time feels defeated or ashamed because they’re living life with these issues and cannot find a way to control them. They would normally normalize their behavior and act like it’s just their personality when in fact they’re really suffering from anger issues. Shame or minimization is not the right answer to resolve anger problems at all. Christian anger management counseling is the best choice you can take. The Christian Counselors in Santa Monica Christian Counseling will assist you in learning to handle your emotions and will dig deeper into the hurt that causes it.

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Christian Anger Management Counseling

But now you must put them all away: anger, wrath, malice, slander, and obscene talk from your mouth.

What Santa Monica Christian Counseling Offers

As Christians, our main goal is not only to get saved but to also to continue to be transformed and conformed to His image through His word, His people, prayer, and the work of the Holy Spirit.

The Counselors at Santa Monica Christian Counseling are professionals when it comes to anger management approaches. Our counseling process is done to improve your spiritual healing as well. We have dealt with people coming from different ethnicities, experience backgrounds and in all ages who were able to break free from the bond of unhealthy anger through our help. They have found freedom through forgiveness, redemption, and healing.

Anger Management Counseling is Beneficial to All Ages

Christian anger management counseling benefit adults by helping them get a better understanding of what causes their anger, learning to see the signs before their anger gets out of hand, finding comfort in expressing their feelings in a healthy manner, building accountability structures into their lives, and helping their relationship with Christ to grow resulting to healing within their relationships and the people they’re surrounded with.

On the other hand, the professional child and adolescent counselors of Santa Monica Christian Counseling also provide assistance to young people struggling with anger issues and help them discover the deeper reason towards their unhealthy anger. We offer a safe, compassionate environment to teach children or teens the right ways of demonstrating strong emotions as well as work with their parents to make sure their home is a safe environment. Most importantly, the Christian counselors of Santa Monica Christian Counseling will professionally help children suffering from anger problems find forgiveness and healing through faith in Jesus Christ.

The Negative Effect Of Unchecked Anger

Refrain from anger, and forsake wrath! Fret not yourself; it tends only to evil.

People consumed by anger can hurt themselves and the people around them. Not being able to calm down and having the uncontrollable urge to burst into fits of rage can do more harm more than anything. You’re probably used to “venting” but even that can also lead to a more aggressive behavior. The worst thing is that it affects your physical health and the well-being of the people around you.

Risking Your Health Due to Unchecked Anger

Intense, unhealthy anger, manifests itself physically. Unhealthy anger will harm your respiratory, digestive, and cardiovascular system if it happens over and over again. When you’re angry, your body releases stress hormones like cortisol causing an adverse health reaction such as rising blood pressure, low metabolism, or abnormal sugar levels. Socially, you are prone to experiencing issues such as isolation, loneliness, shame, and depression due to anger issues. Santa Monica Christian Counseling will help you understand the cause of your anger and help you learn to handle your emotions the right way. We will work towards your healing with Jesus Christ along with our side.

Risking You Relationship With Your Family Due to Unchecked Anger

We have seen so many families whose relationship got broken because of unhealthy anger problems. When a person is struggling with anger, the people around them will most likely feel unloved and underappreciated. Because no one knows how to handle a person with anger issues, the conflict often leads to domestic violence.

Unfortunately, children are also affected by the behavioral problems and anxiety that people with angry outbursts and unhealthy anger carry around with them. Unchecked anger creates a huge gap within the family as well as problems in terms of communicating from each other peacefully.

Christian family counseling may be the best step you can take if you believe that anger is destroying you and your family.

The experienced and professional counselors of Santa Monica Christian Counseling have been a great help to a huge number of families towards healing from the hurt caused by anger, helping them move forward with forgiveness in their hearts.

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A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.

If you want to end the harmful and lasting effect of unhealthy anger, visit our online counselor directory or call us at (424) 361-6197 to schedule an appointment. We are so excited to go through this journey with you and help you live a peaceful, fulfilling life. Give us a call today.

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