Guiding Families to Defeat Obstacles and Rebuild Relationships

God has always had a plan for families all over the world and how they will operate. Today though, the idea of “family first” and righteousness are changing drastically. The way we act and the things we do damage the way we operate with our family members.

Within our families we’re supposed to show support, assist in personal development, and to guide one another into the life that God has planned for us. A powerful family relationship is an important key component of God because it is the foundation for maintaining a strong Christ-filled life.

We offer Christian Counseling in Santa Monica and have well-trained Christian family counselors who will assist you and your family in fixing your relationship and teaching you how to work together to build a Godly home through Christ. Whether you have a small or big problem, the counselors will never turn you away. We are always here to help you and your family find peace and happiness.

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The Christian family counseling that we offer is useful for many reasons, such as assisting you with an unresolved issue within your family or even any major life change that is affecting your family.

Typical reasons that Christian families may need counseling include:

  • Disagreements between the parents
  • Child/ and or teen behavioral issues
  • Disagreements between siblings
  • Family member with mental illness
  • Family member with substance abuse problem
  • Families have a hard time transitioning in moving or career changes
  • Solving blended family issues
  • Disagreements in the family’s spiritual development
  • Assisting adults who were raised in a dysfunctional home

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You are probably wondering how a Christian family counseling can help you, right? Well, we look at the family as a whole unit. The first things we look at are the strengths and weaknesses in your family. The second thing we do is offer a solution so you can learn to live a strong, Christ-centered family lifestyle. The family counselors at Santa Monica Christian Counseling have been trained to deal with dysfunctional family situations by finding the perfect way to fix the issue for each family member involved.

Every thought and emotion is taken into consideration, so this means every family member involved will get the chance to speak about the issue at hand. For every problem your family has, we will help find a solution so that your family can once again function as God has planned.

The Christian Family Counselors will not judge you but instead assist you in fixing your family relationships and developing a better relationship with God. Everyone wants a healthy, untroubled, warm-hearted relationship with each of their family members, but when you add troubles, disagreements, and emotions into the mix, it can affect our families. It may seem absolutely impossible to fix this, but always remember nothing is impossible in God’s eyes.

Our Goal Is to Help You and Your Family

One of our many goals for family Christian counseling is to determine what kind of problems your family is going through. We will look at your family as the whole unit that is, one in desperate need of healing, because even if only one or two family members are having a problem, eventually it will affect every family member.

The main goals that Christian family counseling will always strive for are:

  • Building a better communication and supporting every family member
  • Developing trust and stronger familial bonds
  • Developing a better relationship with every family member includes multiple and extended families

Counseling for Children and Teens

Every parent wants the best for their child. If you notice your child is having a hard time or suddenly has a change of behavior, it is completely normal for you to be worried. But just to be sure, a Christian Family Counselor can talk to your child about what might be causing any abnormal behaviors or problems at home or school and help to figure out the best solution for your child and the rest of your family.

Can You Tell A Difference in Your Child or Teen Since Starting Counseling

For children and teens, Christian counselors can help them get over many troubles, such as behavioral problems in school or at home, social anxiety problems, education problems, family issues, and emotional disorders. The counselors here are trained to work with not only your child but also the rest of your family to figure out the perfect solution. Through Christian counseling, you and your child can both work on healing, peace, and happiness, but if you don’t notice a difference in your child since starting counseling, you may be referred to a Christian counselor just for children and teens.

Typical Focal Points In Counseling

Problems Between Parents

Married couples should have a strong love and bond that reflects their relationship and their children. Any kind of problems you and your spouse are going through will affect your children and make it harder to function in your household. You and your spouse should lay the ground rules to set an example for your children as they grow up and become adults. The best way you can do this is by showing your children that marriage is a loving and healthy relationship. If you and your spouse are having any kind of problems, counseling can benefit you both and even your whole family.

Problems Between Parents and Children

Nothing in the world is more troubling than feeling distant from your child or trying to understand their behavioral problems. If a child feels unloved or pressured by the parents, it can cause major behavior, emotional, and social issues. The leading cause of problems between parents and children is the split-family dynamic. Children who go through the split-family dynamic have higher levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. Counseling can help you and your child to reconnect and bond with each other and with God.

Problems Between Immediate and Extended Families

If you want to keep a peaceful and happy home, the most important thing you can do for every member of your family is making sure to fix any issues between any family members, because unresolved issues can end up damaging your happy home. For example, if there are any unresolved issues between grown adults and their parents, counseling should be taken into consideration to solve the issue. Remember, to keep a peaceful and happy home you have to communicate and get along with every family member.

Loss and Grief Counseling

If your family is experiencing a loss, it can cause major damage to your family, health, and well-being. Most families consider counseling after a death in the family, such as the death of a family member, pet, or family friend. Each family member will be affected in different ways. When life has hit a low point Christian counseling will give you and your family emotional support by honoring your loss.


When making transitions in life, such as moving to a new home or city and making career changes, this can cause stress between family members. Counseling can help each family member talk about how they are feeling about the change going on until a solution can be found to help each family member deal with the transition process.

Health Issues

If anyone in your family is having health-related issues such as chronic illness, terminal illness, disabilities, or even some type of trauma, it’s completely normal for everyone to experience many emotions. During this time, seeking out Christian family counseling can benefit each family member by talking about and relieving stress over health issues. Counseling can also teach you and your family members how to handle health issues, new limitations, and learn to move forward and maintain a healthy relationship with God.

Expressing Faith Within the Family

Expressing your faith and spiritual development is a very important key component to build a strong, healthy, Christ-centered family. If your family shares their beliefs, they will also learn to grow together, pray together, and study the Bible together. Sharing your beliefs will help you create a stronger bond with God. But this can cause stress for family members who have different beliefs. Luckily, counseling can help by talking through spiritual beliefs. In the end, the main goal is that each family member is able to be heard.


If someone in your family is struggling with an addiction of any kind, this is very serious and can greatly affect your entire family as well as creating emotional and financial stress. For the person who is suffering from addiction, everyone in the family should be involved as part of the healing process. Counseling will help you and your family learn about the addiction, how the treatment process will proceed, and the behavior issues that will follow, along with the healing process. Counseling will help you come up with a plan to keep the person who is addicted on the right path that God has planned for them.

Christian Family Counseling FAQ

At Santa Monica Christian Counseling, we will help your family with any problem, big or small, whether it’s resolving a family issue, addiction, grieving over a loss in the family, or even behavioral issues with children or teens. We will be here to answer any kind of questions you might have about starting Christian family counseling.

In fact, Christian family counseling can help you and your family with any kind of issues you’re going through. Counseling helps every member of your family who regularly attends counseling sessions. Even if you or someone else is unable to attend classes, in many cases the rest of your family members will still get help and figure out a solution in resolving the family issue.

Most counselors will recommend that your family should try joint counseling sessions, or for other family members, your counselor might suggest individual sessions. Your family will be looked at as a whole unit to figure out the best solution for healing.

If you think your child is having behavioral issues or has any kind of problems and has been attending counseling sessions, you can meet with their counselor to check on the progress for each session.

Christian family counseling costs will depend on who your counselor is and how much your insurance will cover. If your counselor has more experience, they might possibly charge you more, while counselors with less experience will charge you less. You need to talk with your insurance provider and search different counselors to get an exact rate.

When looking for a Christian family counselor, make sure your counselor is licensed. Here at Santa Monica Christian Counseling, family counselors are well-trained to provide support for and find a solution to your family through any issue or problem. To find a skilled and qualified counselor now, browse through the online profiles or give us a call at (424) 361-6197 if you need more information. We look forward to meeting you and your family and helping you with any issues so you can gain a healthy relationship with your family and God.

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