Christian Counseling for Aging and Geriatric Issues

You shall stand up before the gray head and honor the face of an old man, and you shall fear your God: I am the Lord.

Retirement is an exciting moment for most people as it gives them the opportunity to travel, spend quality time with grandchildren, offer their services to the community, or explore leisure activities. However, there are a few disadvantages to growing old as well. For some, getting older means they face age-related health problems or experience a difficult transition into retirement. There are also those who no longer have friends who are living and must deal with life alone. At Santa Monica Christian Counseling, we apply God’s Word and offer gentle counseling to assist senior citizens and their loved ones with any issues they are facing.

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Support For Agingissues

Wisdom is with the aged, and understanding in length of days.

Retirement and spending an awesome time with your loved ones may be the best part of getting older but the reality is, you’ll encounter several issues along the way. It may be hard for you to adjust to this new chapter of life. Getting old shouldn’t discourage you regardless of whatever comes your way. With God helping you, aging gracefully and finishing the Winter years of life well can happen.

Santa Monica Christian Counseling provides gentle, sensitive counseling for those who are struggling with aging. We offer a safe place for everyone regardless of their age to honestly share their concerns and begin to overcome the unique challenges they face in any situation or circumstance. We desire to help you focus on God who never changes and who will never forsake us.

What is Christian Geriatric Counseling?

Christian Geriatric Counseling was created to fill the needs of the aging and elderly, making sure that they are given guidance through their difficult journey. The counselors of Santa Monica Christian Counseling will do their best to help make the transition easier by encouraging you to hold on to the promises of God who promises never to leave or abandon His people. If you or your loved one is struggling with grief, anxiety, loneliness, depression, or related issues, the counselors at Santa Monica Christian Counseling are more than happy to welcome you and help you find hope.

Elderly Or Aging Health-Related Issues

Here are some of the most common issues faced by those in the twilight years:

Depression. Unfortunately, depression commonly occurs when you reach the age of 60. If you’re among those who are currently battling depression, it’s best to find a confidante, someone with whom you can comfortably share your personal struggles. The counselors at Santa Monica Christian Counseling have a positive history of treating depression over the years. By God’s grace and the Holy Spirit’s work, we are able to witness recoveries unfold right before our eyes. If you think that you or your loved one may be suffering from depression, contact a depression counselor right away.

Anxiety. As you grow older, you will experience some changes that can be overwhelming and hard to accept. This may trigger anxiety. At Santa Monica Christian Counseling, we offer Christian anxiety counseling that will help you discover the main cause of the anxiety, and provide you with tools to help you manage and overcome it so that you can live a peaceful life of faith in the Christ.

Loneliness. Regardless of your age, you will feel lonely at times. However, it’s a different case for seniors because loneliness offers unique challenges for them. They have to deal with physical limitations, changed living conditions, and the death of peers, etc. When you have someone who listens to you with sympathy combined with proven methods and a Christian approach to counseling, you will be able to develop a new perspective that restores your joy in the Lord.

Loss of Independence. When you’re used to being independent but are slowly losing that independence as you get older, it can be hard for you to handle that change. You may find that you can no longer drive yourself to places, cook for yourself, or even be able to live alone. Instead of forcing yourself to just “get over it”, look for help. The trained counselors of Santa Monica Christian Counseling can help you to make the transition more gentle.

Grief. All of us will experience grief at various times and places in life. You may have experienced a loved one’s passing, the loss of a job, a position, a privilege, or an ability. There are many forms of grief and even though there is no sure way to it all, having a listener that offers compassion and understanding can help start the healing process. Find out what a grief counselor can do for you today.

Age Discrimination. It’s unfortunate that young people these days no longer respect their elders. Consider the results of a survey of adults over 60 conducted by Health Journal:

  • 37% experienced age discrimination in the last year.
  • 43% were afraid of violence.
  • 50% felt they were not treated with respect.
  • 67% believed that age discrimination is a real problem.

If any of the following issues sound familiar to you, then Christian geriatric counseling may be right for you:

  • Health Issues
  • Intimidation, emotional abuse, or manipulation through violence or threats.
  • Disrespect from youth.
  • Aging workforce issues.

It’s common knowledge that the aging process will show its natural effect on our bodies, such as chronic or other serious health problems that can limit or hinder your ability to move around freely. You may feel weak more often and you won’t be able to enjoy your life that much anymore. However, there is always hope.

Always keep in mind God’s promise to His people:

Even to your old age, I am he, and to grayhairs, I will carry you. I have made, and I will bear; I will carry and will save.

The reason why Christian geriatric counseling is here is to help you deal with the following issues related to the aging process:

  • Medical Care problems
  • Declining independence
  • Increased reliance on others for care
  • Expressing and processing emotions related to declining health
  • Geriatric health concerns

Just because you accept the effects that aging has on you doesn’t mean that you can no longer enjoy the God’s blessings. Christian geriatric counseling can help you survive and joyfully accept aging so that you can still live in the joy of the Lord.

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The Challenges of Declining Cognitive Mental Health

Forgetfulness is commonly experienced by the elderly and many experience a natural decline in cognitive function. However, loss of memory can also be a sign of a more serious illness like Alzheimer’s. Whether or not it’s Alzheimer’s, reduced cognitive function may still bring on paranoia, depression, or anxiety. In fact, about 15% of adults over 60 are said to have some type of mental health issue. However, Christian geriatric counseling provides assistance with such mental health issues as:

  • Sleep problems
  • Anxiety
  • Alcohol and substance abuse
  • Depression
  • Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia

A different approach must be used to treat these issues in senior citizens, one which takes into consideration the physical, cognitive, and emotional health concerns that come with aging along with their interconnectedness.


We are created to have and to be into relationships. Because our relationships evolve over time, our relational needs change too. Are you single and want to start dating again? Is the relationship you have with your family and love ones no longer as great as before? Regardless of what you’re going through, you need wisdom from God. We can help you seek that wisdom through our Lord Jesus Christ so you can create more meaningful relationships in life.

Christian geriatric counseling can help you face the following:

  • Marriage and other couples problems
  • Family disagreements
  • Difficulties with self-esteem.
  • Dating and new relationships.

Santa Monica Christian Counseling is happy to join you on your journey. We will help you heal broken relationships and start new, real, and lasting ones. Christian geriatric counseling can give you the support you need whatever situation you may be in.

Death and Dying

However you feel about mortality (whether yours or a loved one’s), there is no need for you to worry whether it’s right or wrong for you to feel that way. Christians remember that Christ conquered death for us and his resurrection assures us of the reality of eternal life with Him. However, even if we know we have the assurance of eternal life, facing one’s own death can still be hard to deal with. Most people get scared just by thinking about leaving loved ones behind or experiencing the loss of friends and loved ones. If you’re not careful it can even rattle your faith.

Christian geriatric counseling offers help with the following:

  • Worry about who will care for loved ones after you’re gone.
  • Fear of death and dying.
  • Grief and loss.

At Santa Monica Christian Counseling, we can help you to work through your emotions so that you can find acceptance, joy, and peace through Christ.

Counseling For Caretakers Of Elderly Family Members

But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

God gave us the responsibility to take care of our family as Christians. We make sure that when elderly family members get sick, help is there right away. At Santa Monica Christian Counseling, we are aware of the hardships brought on by providing care for the sick elderly, disabled, or those suffering from mental illness. The right thing is not always easy to do because we may be required to make tough decisions related to the well-being of our loved ones.

The counselors at Santa Monica Christian Counseling offers support in:

  • Providing care for family members with Alzheimer’s or other cognitive illnesses
  • Experiencing emotions brought on by your loved ones’deteriorating health
  • Making hard end-of-life care decisions

If you’re struggling to take care of your elderly family members, Santa Monica Christian Counseling provides a safe environment to share your feelings and worries.

There is support available through the aging process. Contact Santa Monica Christian Counseling today at (424) 361-6197 or browse through our counselor directory.

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