Providing Hope to Married Couples During Difficult Times

Marriage isn’t always a walk on easy street. There are times in every marriage that there will be problems, but if the problems are worked through there will be higher levels of intimacy and love. When marriage issues are left unsettled, you and your significant other may get caught in a cycle of pessimism, resentment, and blame. The level of desperation becomes so great that no couple ever expects to recover from it. Working on your marriage before things get out of control is basic wisdom, but this often requires professional help. If your marriage is headed for disaster, it is important to understand that you are not alone and there is still hope for your marriage.

If your marriage is experiencing problems, you may want to consider Christian marriage counseling. Marriage is one of the most important things in life, and you should do everything possible to mend your relationship.

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Christian Marriage Counseling Explained

Christian marriage counseling is a type of counseling designed to help couples work through conflicts and help their relationship improve. Christian marriage counseling is only provided by licensed Christian therapists who are professionals. Christian therapists are trained in the many relationship problems that married couples face. Christian therapists incorporate Biblical knowledge and faith-based values to help couples discover peace, support, and guidance. With the help of counseling, couples can speak with a counselor about working on where you are in your marriage and where you would like to be. Your counselor will offer tools to overcome damaging patterns so that you and your spouse can work toward rebuilding the marriage.

Although the situation may seem hopeless right now, do not give up. At Santa Monica Christian Counseling, we offer compassion and hope for those facing marital problems. Many couples seek help to work on their marriages. The Christian marriage counselors have aided couples with issues to restore faith, communication, and trust.

Christian Marriage Counseling Can Benefit Marital Relationships

Conflict in marriage is caused by several different factors including the way you were raised and previous life circumstances. Maintaining a happy marriage and fixing issues as they happen takes certain tools, and many times people need guidance to use these tools. These tools assist couples in building relationships that are healthy and nurturing. If you and your loved one are experiencing difficult marriage problems, you may want to consider Christian marriage counseling. Marriage counseling allows you and your spouse to break the bonds of the past and build a new Christ-filled, healthy marriage.

Christian counseling for marriage can guide you with:

  • Communicating more successfully
  • Resolving conflict is a healthy way
  • Allowing you to express your anger or fear openly
  • Working through and processing issues
  • Appreciating and understanding your spouse
  • Creating goals for a life together
  • Restoring trust and intimacy
  • Connecting and living life together in faith

These are just a few of the many things that you can work through with Christian marriage counseling. When meeting with your counselor, you and your partner can explore the weaknesses and strengths in your marriage and begin to set goals. Every marriage is different and needs individual attention. At Santa Monica Christian Counseling, we can help you discover your needs, speak them in safety, and work toward long-term remedies.

Christian Marriage Counseling: Basic Issues That Can Be Resolved

People seek marriage counseling for varied reasons. Our counselors have the experience to handle an assortment of premarital and marital issues. Couples seek Christian marriage counseling for these common issues:

  • Conflict, Communication, and Intimacy

According to studies, the most commonly occurring problems in marriages are intimacy issues and poor communication. Spouses who seek counseling often express that they are not understood by the other spouse, or that what they are trying to communicate is misinterpreted. When there is a breakdown of communication, there is frustration, conflict, and misunderstanding. Conflict makes it difficult to have effective communication because responses are emotionally fueled. When a spouse is feeling angry and hurt, it is hard to listen and resolve issues with the other spouse. Couples who do not understand each other suffer from a lack of intimacy and detach emotionally.

Christian marriage counseling will help you:

  • Improve how you read nonverbal communication cues
  • Improve how you transmit nonverbal communication
  • Be a better listener who is engaged
  • Identify blockades to good communication
  • Manage emotional responses
  • Manage stress
  • Better assertiveness

Christian marriage counseling can improve intimacy by training you to:

  • Work to find common desires, interests, and beliefs
  • Communicate better
  • Discover creative ways to exhibit commitment and love to your spouse
  • Engage productively through difficult times and issues

Infidelity, Affairs, Sexual Addiction, and Broken Promises

When there is a breach of loyalty in your marriage due to infidelity, an affair, or sexual addiction, it is important to pursue marriage counseling as soon as possible. Couples who seek Christian marriage counseling following infidelity or an affair will get better results. Issues of sexual addiction should also be dealt with as soon as possible so that you can build respect and trust in the marriage. Professional Christian counselors know that broken promises affect both partners. If your loved one has committed one of these acts, you are probably feeling disgust, anger, and disbelief. Your spouse may be dealing with feelings of regret, shame, and guilt. In counseling, the focus will be on healing your marriage by learning to recuperate from past transgressions. You will also learn to address the underlying issues that cause these behaviors.

Christian marriage counseling following betrayal can teach you to:

  • Better understand the causes of behaviors that are negative and the practical solutions
  • Understand that the betrayed partner may suffer post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and the solutions to lessen the flashbacks
  • Rebuild dedication, trust, and intimacy in the marriage

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Spirituality and Faith as a Married Couple

Married couples attend Christian marriage counseling to aid them in connecting spiritually and growing together. Couples who have the same faith may pray, attend church together, and lean on their faith in tough times. Sharing the same faith and beliefs makes building a life together easier because the desires and values are similar.

But, being connected spiritually isn’t as easy as it sounds. This connection requires vulnerability and risk, and that offers the reward of true intimacy and love. Pressure and disagreements become an impediment to the relationship when faith isn’t shared. Learning to respect and appreciate the beliefs and faith of your spouse and understand how they uniquely show God’s image within themselves is essential to thriving and growing together.

The counselors help couples of different or same belief systems to

  • Grow as a loving couple
  • Make and discuss decisions regarding children and faith
  • Learn to connect in your own expressions of faith
  • Appreciate and acknowledge the spiritual needs of your loved one

Finances and Money

One of the major conflicts in marriage can be caused by financial issues. Often, the advice of a professional financial advisor can help but it may be due to issues that are underlying. Instances of stealing and hiding money from your spouse, gambling, and spending money may happen due to emotional issues or problems. Marriage counseling can guide you and your spouse to aid in building marital stability and deal with financial issues and the underlying problems.

Christian marriage counseling can help with finances and money by helping to:

  • Build a more financially secure future by setting goals
  • Learn communication skills to better handle financial difficulties and budget
  • Address shopping and gambling addictions
  • Work on building trust and dealing with financial infidelity

Sex and Intimacy

It is common for couples to deal with sexual intimacy problems from time to time. In the beginning, you both must experience and learn what is expected and needed sexually. After a while, complaints may arise and a break down begins to happen. In the years following, sexual conflict and things like menopause will place limits on sexual intimacy. These are just a few of the things that couples seek marriage counseling for. At Santa Monica Christian Counseling we can match you with a Christian counselor who is professionally trained in helping married partners find sexual intimacy.

Christian marriage counselors can help with the following sexual problems:

  • Sex addiction
  • Sexual performance anxieties and issues
  • Health and expectations of the partner with high desire
  • Frequency disagreements and low sexual desire
  • Disagreement resolution

Parenting Challenges

A common source of disagreement in marriage is different parenting styles. Because both parents feel the responsibility of parenting, it can be a delicate issue. Due to the high importance of parenting, conflicts and parenting decisions can be emotionally charged. Although you both have the best interest of the children at heart, learning how to approach parenting as a stable team can be tough. Your style of parenting is learned from many factors, including how you were raised and other life experiences. Parenting disagreements and issues can have a significant impact on your marriage. Christian counseling for marriages can help you and your spouse work through parenting issues so you are able to build a Christian environment for your home.

Parenting challenges and Christian marriage counseling can help you and your spouse by:

  • Helping you and your spouse maintain a happy marriage after children arrive
  • Helping to interact with your children to promote good behavior and lessen behaviors that are undesirable
  • Sharing and discussing the many parenting responsibilities
  • Understanding the core beliefs and values of each spouse
  • Learning to compromise and engage in conflict resolution

Extended Family Concerns

You are inheriting a new family when you marry, which is an adjustment. When the siblings or parents of your spouse pose a threat to your marriage, it can cause conflict. This threat can become a very difficult and sensitive issue. If you are facing issues, it is imperative that you voice the concerns before they become too bad. Often, family members can become overly involved in the issues that should remain between you and your spouse. There are times when family members rely on your spouse too much. Marriage counseling is beneficial when dealing with these types of problems because there is a different perspective from a person who is not involved emotionally.

Christian marriage counseling can help deal with concerns pertaining to the extended family by:

  • Teaching you to communicate in a constructive way to your family members
  • Helping you to communicate your desires and frustrations with your spouse
  • Helping you to deal with difficult family members
  • Setting up a strategy for setting healthy boundaries with extended family

Not All is Lost

Although your marriage may be facing some problems, that does not mean it has to end. There is always hope. Highly skilled and compassionate Christian marriage counselors can help with the most devastating and tough marital issues. God has a plan for your marriage and life. We are available to help you have the happy marriage God has planned for you and your spouse.

Christian Marriage Counseling FAQ

Christian marriage counseling is an aid to help couples discover happiness and peace in your marriage. At Santa Monica Christian Counseling, we are available to answer any concerns or questions about marriage Christian counseling, so your marriage can begin the journey to healing.

Couples will sometimes enter marriage counseling thinking it is too late to save or reverse the damage that has been done to the marriage. Although in some cases there are couples who decide it is best to take separate paths, many couples find that counseling is beneficial. Christian counseling can allow you and your partner to draw hope through the word of God.

Your Christian counselor will better understand what is in the best interests of the couple. Your counselor has the training to decide which is most beneficial.

Yes, we believe in helping couples through all the stages of a healthy relationship.

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